How to Get Rich Quick Online

(Disclaimer: This is not actual money-making advice but my satirical take on all the money-making tips online.)

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Making money online is easy, all you need is a laptop that works and a half decent internet connection. Which is why all the people who spend so much time on the internet are so rich. Let us deliberately ignore the fact that only very few of the thousands of people online make enough money to qualify to be termed as “significant”, without having to move to a cheaper country. Not to deny that persistence is the key and this will require multiple streams, but I will make is all sound so easy to keep you hooked and maybe click on my referral links so that I can make more money from my article about how to make money. Following are a few of the things that you have read everywhere else, but I am going to pretend it’s all new stuff.

Online Surveys:

You know about them, you have registered on a few survey sites and maybe made a few bucks, but a few bucks is all that is there. However, I am going to write sentences to motivate you to give it another try. I am sure it works, but is it worth your time and effort? I don’t know, unless you REALLY don’t have anything better to do. Oh, but do check out this site using my referral link.

Affiliate Marketing:

This when you make money by promoting someone else’s products/content. To do this, you must have enough audience to show the ads/links to. Which means, you must add this on to another method like blogging or vlogging. But I am going to make is sound easy and have you sign up using my referral link.


This is likely the most important (and popular) means of making money online. Other methods like affiliate marketing, referrals and paid product promotions will rely on this. However, it is certainly not the easiest. Persistence is the key. Also, if you want to do anything involving images, a certain degree of cheekiness and certain looks may play a particularly important role if you lack talent. You can also take a free ride by using other people’s content like home videos or much older videos that will not land you in copyright trouble. One trend is to do reaction videos, which is an easy way of using someone else’s content and making comments and faces that might be considered annoying in real life, but if you’re easy of the eyes or simply loud and obnoxious with your language, this will work well for you. You can also try doing silly things in public, pranking your mom or make your 90 years old grand parent say and do things that have a lot of shock value. For the camera shy, you can do top 10 this and top 10 that videos with pictures and videos of other things, places or people. While you are at it, do check out my blog, subscribe to my channel and follow me on twitter and Instagram where I will share more posts like this but in slightly different arrangement to keep you hooked and make some money for myself.

Drop shipping, Fulfillment by Amazon:

This is real business, but it is not free. However, every Tom, Dick and Harry these days is trying to build the next empire off of Amazon’s customers. It seems very saturated though but I am not going to tell you that, can’t fight all the Chinese products already being sold by everyone else you know. How do you find the next product? Maybe pay someone online to help you do that and set it up? But we want to make money and not pay others. I will never understand why they need your money to set up money making business for you. But some of you will pay them. Maybe you can buy my course on how to set it up. I will charge you too but since you have read my post so far, you already trust me enough to pay me.

Digital Products:

This one has a lot of potential; however, it is not the easiest. It will require a lot of work, but I will make it sound easy. This could be an e-book or a course. How about I just use all the content from my blog to make an e-book and all the content from my videos to make a course? It is pretty much recycling, but some people will not realize it and buy them even though to can access the content for free on my YouTube and the blog. While you come up with an already used idea to create your product, why don’t you consider buying my product? I will give you 20% off on my overpriced product using this special link.

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